my minutes survey

Answer all the question honestly. No lying or cheating.

Starting time
0424 pm

Name : nor ain bt besar
Eyes color : black
Shoes size : 6 or 7 inc
Hair : straight
Piercings : When i'm 6 years old maybe
Height : 154'
What are you wearing right now : t-shirt
Where do you live : kg bkit diman, Terengganu.
Favourite number : 11
Favourite drinks : nescafe ais
Favourite month :jun
Favourite breakfast :spageti

Have You Ever

Broken a bone : Nope
Been in a police car : Nope
Fallen for a friend : yes
Fallen for a guys / girl in a short period of time : Nope
Swam in the ocean : Nope
Broken someone's heart :yes
Fallen asleep in school : sometimes
Cried when someone died : Yes
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone to call : never
Saves e-mail : nope
Been cheated : yes


Your room look like :messy :)
What is right besides you : clothes
What is the last thing you ate : fried chicken


Who did you last yell : Cat
Who was the last person you danced with : Forgot
Who last made you smile : my cats

Final Question.

What are you last listening right now : meaww(cat yelling at me)
What did you do today :online~
Are you the oldest : Nope
Indoor or Outdoor : Indoor

Today did you.

Talk to someone you like : Nope
Kiss anyone : cats
Sings : Yes
Talk to an ex : Nope
Miss someone : yes
Eat : Yes

Last person who

You talked to on the phone : last 2 week??
Made you cry : Forgot
When to movies with :nurul amarah
You went to mall to with : my dad
Who cheer you up : my cats


Have a crush on someone : maybe
What book are you reading right now : None
Best feeling in the world : Of course Happy
Future kids name : nor aliya natasya,mohd faris aiman
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : Nope
What's under your bed : sampah!
Favourite sport : softball
Favourite place : Bedroom haha
Who do you really hate : None
Do you have a job : Nope

End time:
0440 pm

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